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Welcome to NOA NOA's world of blouses

The blouse is a signature style at NOA NOA. Here you will find a large selection of beautiful, feminine blouses with lots of details, hand-drawn prints and exciting structures, as well as simple blouses with subtle, delicate details.

A blouse can be used as the supporting element of an outfit with a pair of perfectly simple trousers or skirt, you can take it under a knit where only collar and cuffs are shown – or together with a blazer or cardigan. You can also put the blouse together with a more distinctive bottom and go all the way with shoes and other accessories to create an eye-catching wholeness. The blouse offers many opportunities to create your very own look.

The many beautiful patterns are designed by our own print designer – either from pure imagination or inspired by vintage prints or works of art. At NOA NOA, flowers and flora are an ever-recurring design, like dots, cubes, stripes – or abstract graphic patterns.

NOA NOA loves exquisite qualities and good craftsmanship. Our selection ranges widely and there is the possibility to find blouses in silk, organic cotton, linen and Tencel. The quality is really important for the appearance of the blouse. If you take an extra look, you will find many exciting weaves and hole patterns that gives the blouses a handmade feel and an exclusive tactility.

We always pay great attention to the details on all blouses and strive to have small signature details on each blouse, such as a fabric covered buttons, plissés, ruffles or fine embroideries, not to mention the decorative stitching, collars, embellishments, laces and beads. Often the details are inspired by ethnic decorations or historical cuts, mixed with trends of the time.

Our styles vary widely from the more tight-fitted models over to the loose-fitted oversized models. You'll find short blouses and longer blouses covering the hips – just as sleeve lengths varies from short, three-quarters and to very long sleeves.

We have blouses with cuffs and collars, post closures, carrier pieces, fabric-covered buttons, mother of pearl buttons or wooden buttons. On many of our blouses we have stitching’s which creates puff sleeves, balloon sleeves and beautiful draping for a more fluttering expression. Slits on the side provide a comfortable fit around the hips, and it also shows off the very top of the pants or skirt being worn. A beat-om blouse with tie belt at the waist accentuates your figure and is easy and comfortable in everyday life. You can find blouses with exciting asymmetric cuts like an oblique or staggered closure that give an eye-catching effect.

In our basic collection you will find simple blouses in jersey stretch fabric. They can be with a round neck, tight or more loose fitted. Some have the fine NOA NOA signature hole pattern and a small tongue edge, others have wider lace edge and high neck or v-neck. Use them together with our skirts or trousers carrying our signature details or as an extra layer under the dress in the cooler seasons. You can in our basis collection always find black and white, and in addition, several of the seasonal colors.

We hope you find your dream blouse here at NOA NOA.

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