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Welcome to NOA NOA's world of pants

Pants can be worn by anyone, for everything and are available in a myriad of variations. Pants can be both cool, practical and feminine which makes the pants indispensable in any wardrobe.

If you are going to a party, trousers are often not the first choice. Many people choose a dress, but what about trying on a pair of elegant pants next time? Pants can be super stylish and festive, with the right styling. Many of Noa Noa's pants have nice details such as print, stitching’s, tie or belt, and fit perfectly in such a context. Noa Noa's pants selection is large and versatile and ranges widely - from loose culottes to tight jeans, feminine chinos, velvet pants with bootcut or printed tulle pants. There is always something for everyone.

Loose trousers and trousers with width

Loose pants are spacious and comfortable to wear. In summer, soft silk trousers, cool viscose or light linen trousers are indispensable. Pajama pants with elasticated waist are also very comfortable. Wide trousers in stronger materials such as denim, twill or velvet are also presented in the collection. The loose-fitted trousers may have straight legs or go slightly in at the ankles. Some have width at the waist and wrinkles at the back. Others sit closer to the hips and become wider in the legs.

If you choose loose pants, you can style with a tight-fitting upper. For example, a basic t-shirt or a nice, simple blouse that keeps the pants in focus. You can also choose a pair of tight-fitted pants, and style them with a more spacious top, such as an oversize shirt or a tunic or even a wider half-length dress. The pajama style set is a true standout styled with a matching loose top and bottom.

Shorts and high-waisted trousers

Noa Noa's tailored pants are feminine and tight fitted. Perfect with a blazer, but can also stand alone with a nice blouse, t-shirt or knit. The high-waisted trousers are not necessarily tailored in the classic sense, but because they go up around the waist, they emphasize the female figure. High-waisted trousers give the impression of long legs. The range of high-waisted trousers at Noa Noa is available both as tailored designs and looser pants that fall nicely around the legs.


Jeans are a classic that can be styled in a myriad of ways. Everything fits jeans. Wear them with a casual t-shirt or use them with stilettos and a shirt or tunic when you're going to a party.

We have very narrow jeans, wide jeans, jeans with straight legs, and others with bootcut. Colors and washings vary from light to dark. In the collection you will also find pants similar to jeans, but made of other materials such as baby velvet, canvas fabric or velour. The jeans look is emphasized by the classic pockets, trousers, visible buttons and belt straps.


Leggings are a classic that we always carry in our collections. They come in black, white, grey and dark blue - as well as the new colors from each season. Leggings are elastic and comfortable, and you will find both the very long, mid-calf and short dress shorts.

Our leggings are available in both cotton and viscose.

You will also find jeggings, which are in a slightly stronger material and have a zipper on the side.

Wear your leggings under a dress or tunic, maybe a long knit or oversize shirt. The dress shorts are great under dresses or skirts.

Shorts og knickers

Shorts in linen, cotton or viscose are available in our spring and summer collections.

These can be wide shorts with pleats or elastic at the waist, or the more classic shorts with both front and back pockets. We offer solid colored shorts, both in muted and strong colors, as well as printed or striped shorts.

Many of our shorts can be styled the same way as our pants. They can be worn with a pair of nice shoes and a shirt, or with a pair of sneakers or sandals styled with a t-shirt for a more casual look. You can extend the shorts season by wearing a pair of tights underneath.

We hope you find your new pants here at NOA NOA.

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