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Welcome to NOA NOA’S cardigans

The cardigan is, in the eyes of many, an indispensable piece of clothing in the wardrobe. Nice warm cardigans are especially great for the cool summer days but can be used all year around. In addition to keeping you warm, they can also be used as a fashion statement being the key element of an outfit. A simple, solid-color set of clothes suddenly gets a new exciting look if you add a cardigan in a contrasting color or characteristic pattern. In addition, it is quite easy to use a cardigan to either highlight or cover up where needed. A cardigan can be put together with just about anything, so it is an essential piece of clothing in any wardrobe. A cardigan can be worn with everything such as dresses, shirts and tops or even as a light summer jacket.

The quality

At Noa Noa we take huge pride in our quality, which is also the case with our cardigans. We have beautiful wool qualities such as cashmere and merino wool, mohair and alpaca in the winter months and viscose, organic cotton or cotton with flax in the summer. We have both thick and thin qualities in our cardigans, strong and light, smooth and with structure or pattern.

Knitted cardigans

Our classic model is of course the knit cardigan but even this classic knit cardigan, with buttons in front, is available in a multitude of variations and different colors - from the very light and airy knit with hollow pattern, to the slightly more powerful and wobbly knit.

Some of our cardigans has long sleeves, some short, some with three-quarter long sleeves, some with embroidery, some open standing, others buttoned or with tie ribbons. The neck opening can be from tight-fitted and round to v-shaped and deep. You will find both small buttons that matches the cardigan or large contrast buttons. The cardigan is often finished with a ribbed hem at the bottom of both body and sleeves, but may also have a rolled edge, or a folded edge.
We have the fitted cardigan in a thin knit quality, which can stand alone if you button it in front, or open over a top or t-shirt. And we have the oversize cardigan in a thicker knit that can basically be worn over everything and keeps you nice and warm.

Long cardigans

The long cardigan is a classic and good to have in your wardrobe all year around. In fall and winter, the longer cardigans in smooth woolen qualities are a hit. They work perfectly over an everyday set of jeans and a shirt or blouse but can also give a nice layer-by-layer effect over a long-sleeved dress. Often, they even have pockets which makes them extra practical. In the summer, lightweight, long cardigans in cotton with fluttering effects are perfect. The length varies from the center of the hip to above the knee.

Wrap-around cardigans

A wrap-around cardigan is a great alternative to the traditional button-up cardigan where the front pieces overlap and fasten with a waistband. Make a loop or let the ends hang loose depending on which look you want. This type of cardigan highlights the waistline more than the traditional one, and works really well with dresses, pants and skirts.

We hope you will find your next cardigan here at NOA NOA.

Use your cardigan with:

Trousers / Shorts
Tops / T-shirts