stickade kläder och stickade tröjor för kvinnor

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Welcome to the NOA NOAS World of Knitwear

At NOA NOA, knitwear is a strong component of each collection. Knitwear can be many things, and is used for a myriad of occasions, and all year round.

The knitting's primary purpose has always been to warm the upper body. In winter, many people wear knitwear every day to make sure to keep warm. But almost as important is that it's delicious and beautiful.

Heavy knit

The strong knit is good for keeping warm. A chunky knit, maybe even in an oversize version is nice along with a pair of narrow trousers, or e.g. over a dress of a light quality. The coarse knits are made in a thick yarn, which also provides some structure to the surface of the knit. Often, they will have a hand-knitted expression and wide ribbed edges. The thick knit has a certain heaviness and fullness. The thick yarn makes the knit feel thick and there is a lot of air in the layers – this helps to insulate and thus makes you keep the heat better.

Fine knit

The fine knit is made in a completely thin yarn, or even thread. It can be so delicate that you can't see it's knitted because you can't see the individual stitches. The knitting can be completely smooth and even on the surface. We can also use an uneven thread to intentionally bring out a rougher surface.

The fine knit has the advantage that it does not get too hot but can easily have a slightly warming effect.

Light knit

With light knitwear we mean knitwear, which is made in a light material such as a cotton, or a knit that has large stitches and thus large holes in the knit. Light knitwear can be used all year round, and can even have a cooling effect, as air can pass through the fabric.

Quality of knits

At Noa Noa you will always find knitwear produced in delicious materials. We have a large selection of wool, including cashmere, mohair, alpaca - viscose and organic cotton - and occasionally other materials such as linen.

A wool knit will have a warming effect – depending on the thickness. Wool also has other good qualities – it is, for example  breathable, and it's self-cleaning – so you only need to wash it if there are visible stains on it. Wool can be both fluffy and smooth, all based on quality, yarn thickness, and desired design.

Viscose and cotton are slightly warming, again depending on the thickness of the fabric. Viscose enhances the silhouette, and a knit in viscose will hug the body. Cotton is a summery material for knitwear and has a sharper expression than wool.

Knitting patterns and details

In Noa Noa's collections you will always find several different knitting patterns. Be it hole patterns, wicker patterns, bombs, stripes in different directions and widths, etc.

You will also find knitwear in several colors, which are knitted together in e.g. stripes, abstract or geometric shapes.

In addition, the knit often offers details such as ruffles, buttons in different materials such as mother of pearl, horn or wood, pockets – or a contrasting color on a narrow edge.

Clothes in knitwear

Within the knitwear category there are of course several different types of garments. You will find pullovers and cardigans, knitted dresses, skirts – as well as accessories such as hats, headbands, scarves and mittens. We have models with both short, three-quarters as well as long sleeves, V-neck and round neck, button fastening or just open-facing, high neck or turtleneck.

You will find narrow and wide models, short and long, tight-fitting and oversize.

Our NOA NOA essential knitwear range includes a wide range of solid-colored styles that come in new colors each season.

We hope you find your new knit here at NOA NOA!

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