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Welcome to NOA NOA's World of Outerwear

Outerwear is not only part of winter - for the rest of the year we also need outerwear. All seasons call for outerwear of one form or another. Fortunately, many jackets can be used most of the year. A lightweight transition jacket can be used well into autumn and winter with the right accessories. In addition, a beautiful summer jacket can be used as a smart cardigan throughout the year.

We present a wide range of jackets and coats in all seasons, so you can always find something for every occasion. Whether you're looking for a thick warm winter coat, a practical transition jacket, a light summer jacket, an elegant suit jacket, a classic trench coat, a casual denim jacket or a quilted jacket with an eye-catching print - the outerwear category also includes waterproof raincoats and warm ponchos.

Short jackets

Short jackets are available in a multitude of variations. Our range includes blazers, figure-fitting jackets, bomber jackets, velvet jackets, linen jackets, denim jackets, reversible jackets, quilted jackets, bolero jackets, kimono-inspired jackets and down jackets. The short jackets are good and practical and easy to style together with both a shirt, blouse and knit underneath.

For the casual summer wardrobe, the kimono-inspired jackets with ties are good. They are often in a light design and with discreet pockets. Many jackets are open-fitting and have three-quarter sleeves that make them ideal as summer jackets or to wear indoors for the rest of the year with a long-sleeved blouse underneath. If you are going for a more formal look, then a blazer is good. It can also be used as a stand-alone jacket and as an extra layer for the rest of the year.

Winter coats

A coat is one of the most important parts of a wardrobe. It should be warm, practical and neat.

With us you will find many coats and jackets that meet the requirements. We have classics like down jackets, men's inspired wool coats and quilted coats. Go for the slightly more colorful coats if you dare, or choose a completely neutral in gray, black or brown. The classic timeless wool coat is perfect with jeans and a pair of sneakers, but just as elegant when dressed for a party. You can choose one of the long oversize coats and get a modern casual look.

Our down jackets are available in several lengths - the short model, the knee-length and the quite long version. The long ones often have slits at the sides with zippers, so you can also cycle in them.

And what about the details?

We have jackets and coats that are closed with buttons or with a zipper. A single front button fastening with a small collar, a double-breasted button fastening with a large collar and lapel, or a tight-fitting collar that keeps the neck warm, with a glossy zipper. Some jackets have large eye-catching buttons, others are more discreet.

Most jackets have pockets - either large sewn pockets, or discreet side pockets. You will also find an inner pocket in several models.

We have hooded coats for the cold times, which can be closed extra tightly with buttons or cords.

We hope you are now dressed to choose just the right NOA NOA jacket for each season

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